Pumpkin Patch - AGAIN

South of our house is a giant farm with a pumpkin patch. In the fall, they open up on the weekends for people to bring their kids to see the goats and sheep and cows and chickens. They set up a maze in the cornfield, and they pile up hay bales in one of the barns for another maze. They have horseshoes and bean bag tosses and giant checker games. There was a slide for the kids, and little tractors for them to ride. And don't forget the giant tractor rides for the whole family. Clearly, this place was set up for a fun time.

The house itself was built just before the Civil War. They had a couple of cabins and sheds and several barns all around. It was a huge patch of land, and despite the hundreds of people enjoying the gorgeous fall afternoon with us, I really liked all the room. It was one of those days when you think, wouldn't it be great to have a farm and all that land to yourself, and just spend your days working at home?

And then you think of milking cows on Christmas morning, and those rainy days when getting out seems like the last thing you want to do, and you realize farm work is way harder than your cushy day job.

But for a little while it was a nice dream.

Here's Helen tossing the beanbag:

And here she is, about to go down the slide for the 30th time:

And here she is, enjoying the farm:


Dad said...

Where is Helen standing in the last picture? It looks like she's hanging over the edge of a high place. Yikes.

Jennie said...

She is perched on a bridge railing, about 2 feet off the ground. If you look closely (click on the pic to enlarge it), there is a hand on her rear-end. That's her daddy.

momc said...

Sounds like one of those wonderful days you just cameo in your memory. It's just so much fun to watch your kids having fun, isn't it? ...Even more fun to watch your kids watching their kids having fun.....
Love the great pictures.

ali said...

i love the model pose, with her hands in her pockets!! CLASSIC!