Halloween Night

We didn't practice "Trick or Treat." We didn't show Helen how to carry her candy bucket. We didn't even tell her to what to do when she got to the door.

We didn't have to do any of those things. At 18 months, Helen is a Halloween pro.

She picked through bowls of candy, and she said "dah-doo" (thank you) and "bye." She said "woof woof" to the puppies and "shee-shee" to the kitties. And she charmed the heck out of all of the neighbors.

I tell you, there's nothing more fun than a little kid on Halloween.

Except when she goes to bed at 8 and her parents get to eat all the candy.

Getting ready to go out in her Piglet costume, exchanging pacifier for candy bucket:

Running to the next house:

I love this picture! She's peering in the door (can you see the homeowners?):


Checking out the candy back at home:

Twizzlers rock!


ali said...

if that beautiful girl came to my front door, she would have cleaned me out!!! how adorable!

momc said...

Cutest piglet I've ever seen!!
But you guys better make the most of these first few Halloweens, cause once she figures out she's just the "front man" and you guys are raiding all her loot, things might get a little dicey once she gets home with the goodies.