Helen Stands, Parents Afraid Walking Comes Next.

TINYTOWN, USA – Friday – Parents were overjoyed to see their daughter Helen stand up late Wednesday. “She wanted to see something on the ottoman, I guess,” said her mother, Jennie. “She grabbed the edge and got on her knees, and then just stood up. I couldn’t believe it.” Jennie says she got so excited, she said “Wow!” and made Helen smile and let go, and she promptly fell on her bottom.

Helen’s father was also excited to hear the news. “We had kept Helen home from daycare that day, since she was working on a case of pinkeye. We spent the afternoon playing, and Jennie came home early so I went upstairs to do some work. I heard about the excitement and couldn’t be prouder of my Sweet Pea.”

Later that evening, both parents were giving Helen a bath when she stood in the tub. The tot got a chance to play in her newly-lowered crib after her bath, and stood up in the crib, too.

Both parents are aware that Helen’s new ability to stand means their lives are about to change radically. “She’s growing up so fast, and it’s so much fun to see her enjoy new things,” her mother says. Her father is looking forward to her help with restoring a 60's vintage Ford Mustang which currently resides in the garage. “She’s already figured out how to work the jack, so bodywork isn’t that far off.”

Jennie noted that the camera is ready to go at a moment’s notice, but this new skill has yet to be captured on video. “She’s been trying to stand, but as soon as she sees that camera, she smiles and sits back down.” However, a mother’s persistence may pay off this weekend. “I’m going to follow her around with that camera all day!” she laughed.

Friends and family members rolled their eyes. “I think she does that already, judging from all the emails I get,” said one friend, who refused to be named.


Growth Chart

She turned eight months old this weekend.

Helen is learning to feed herself, but it’s a work in progress. Some it stays in her mouth, while most of it's on her chin, her fist, her hair, etc.

She love hanging with her Daddy. He carries her around on his shoulders and she hangs on to his hair.

While she was in the tub last week, she noticed herself in a “mirror.” So I asked Brian to bring up the camera. Despite her being in the tub, it’s safe for viewing at work.