The Creation (of a Birthday)

Chapter 1

1. And the mother said unto the father, “Verily, I say unto you, I am headed to the grocery store to buy cake mix.”
2. And the father said unto the mother, “Make sure it’s low-carb.”
3. At the grocery store, the mother searched the aisles for cupcake wrappers, but they were very small and hard to find.
4. And the Publix staff did comfort the mother, and show her where they hid the cupcake wrappers.
5. As the mother put the bounty in the pantry, the baby found her cup runneth over in the kitchen cabinets. And the cat food bowl. And the trashcan.
6. So the mother gave the baby Cheerios in her high chair, and the baby said, “It is good.”

Chapter 2

1. And on the morning of the seventh day, the mother awoke to bake cupcakes.
2. And the father slept, as the seventh day was for rest.
3. And while the baby ate her breakfast, she knew not what her mother did.
4. In the afternoon, when the baby was hungry, her mother and her father brought her to her high chair.
5. They gave the baby a cupcake, and lo, the candle and the flame confused the baby.
6. But the chocolate frosting was tasted, and the baby said, “Ooo! That’s good!”

We never knew a year could go by so quickly. Thanks to all of you for your love and support of our little family – it’s appreciated beyond any measure.