Two New Teeth Appear in One Weekend. Yes, TWO.

No drooling. No fever. No diaper rash. No crying. Just two teeth, plain as day. Helen is a trooper, indeed. And a keeper! This probably means we’re due for all the “fun” during the teenage years. “No, Helen, you may not borrow the car keys. Why? Well, if only you had cried while you were teething, you’d be wheeling around town tonight. But the scales have to balance some day, and I’m not taking any chances, missy. No keys, no way.”

We had guests D. & E. in town this weekend in town for a good visit, delicious Mexican food, and terrible basketball - the best our city has to offer! They got to witness the big tooth milestone, and on Saturday E. & I watched Helen let go of the ottoman and stand on her own. It lasted only a few seconds before she plopped down. She’s growing & changing every single day, and I can’t even blink for fear of missing any of it. That, and all the falling she does. It’s sort of uncontrolled, sometimes bopping her head on the floor or a piece of furniture. We can’t let that happen too often. We have to keep those SAT scores high, you know. Scholarships don’t just grow on trees!

The weekend before, Helen’s grandparents were in town for a good visit, too. They gave Helen a quilt that most of the family had helped to make – several squares of cross-stitching and quilting to finish it all off nicely. I’ve spread it out on the bed in Helen’s room and couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. It’s such a nice keepsake for her, and both Brian & I want to give a tremendous thank you to all of the family for the love and hard work (and arthritic hand cramping after that much sewing) that went into this beautiful project.

Helen has been chewing on a bolt from one of the kits for Brian’s Mustang restoration project. She absolutely loves that thing, and now we can legitimately say she cut her first teeth on car parts.


A Mother, a Daughter, and a Special Moment.

Helen is now very MOBILE and into EVERYTHING. Our house is now a matter of “what’s under 3 feet? Yep, she can grab it.” I need to build a mantel that runs around the entire room, so I can put everything she can’t have on it. The camera. The remote. My cell phone. Daddy’s wallet. Anything resembling a piece of paper, including receipts, kleenex, mail … hey, wait. You can DEFINITELY shred those bills for me, Helen. Thanks!

If nothing else, it’ll inspire me to keep my house clean.

(Oh, who’s kidding who here. That’ll never happen.)

Saturday Helen & I shared a girl’s rite of passage. It was a special moment, one that will live in my memory forever. And she seemed to respect the importance of the occasion. Yes, we went SHOE SHOPPING. Now this is where every guy reading this entry clicks on “close.” So for the girls still reading, she now has FOUR pairs of shoes that she can wear until she grows out of them, which should be next Monday. Two pairs of sneakers, one pair of traditional baby walking shoes, and a pair of dress shoes.

I’m so proud.