Cheeky Monkey

When do you stop wanting to kiss baby cheeks all the time?

I was scrolling through photos we've taken of Helen over the past year, and what surprised me was how many pictures I have of Helen where we're kissing her. Top of head, little baby hand, you name it. Both Brian & I, caught in the act.

I kiss that little baby's cheeks a LOT. When she gets up in the morning, I get her out of her crib and give her a big hug with lots of kisses. While we're playing, sometimes I grab her and kiss her cheeks until she starts giggling. When I get her out of her high chair after dinner, she gets a big kiss before I put her down. Of course, that's after she's been cleaned up - the ravioli nights would be a disaster for both of us if I didn't wash her face first. Yuck!

And I know that kissing stops eventually, because our parents aren't kissing on us all the time. And I'm wondering, why? Do you still want to, and you just don't because we're all adults here? Do the teenage years ruin it for you? Is it because I don't have those impossibly squooshy soft baby cheeks anymore?

I'm curious. Really. If you have a theory, feel free to leave it in the comments.

In the meantime, I'm kissing those cheeks for all I'm worth.


Dave and Paula said...

Well....Xander is over 3 now and the rampant kissing from us continues.

Dad said...

The answer is easy - Don't stop

Mom/Neena/Nana said...

I think kissing pudgy little baby cheeks is fun. Even when the babies are taller than I am...

Mandy said...

Probably because they are just so darn cute you can barely stand it. I even want to kiss Marshall's cheeks when he has just unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper in the floor... It is sometimes the only thing that saves them.