Home Improvement

I realized that I've left you all hanging on the TV update. It's installed and sitting pretty above our mantel.

But Brian noticed right away that the high definition channels weren't as crisp as they could be - definitely not what we saw in the store. When the images on the screen moved, the picture got very pixelated. And the regular channels weren't very good at all. The blue TV did regular channels much better.

Some moron at the customer service center tried to tell us that's what TV looked like in larger sizes. Yeah, right.

Anyway, this Friday someone's coming out to replace the video board. So hopefully, I'll be able to tell you next week that the TV looks fantastic and we're loving it.

But really,in spite of it all, that's already happening.

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Anonymous said...

tv looks great--R said "I hafta admit that tv looks alot better than Blue Dog....."