Best Wishes to the Happy Couple

One of my college roommates got married yesterday. C. has found the love of her life and decided to settle down with him. After watching the two of them at their reception, I think they'll be supremely happy.

She & I reconnected after I moved to town a few years ago to be with Brian. I knew she was from this area, but didn't know she was still here after we all went our separate ways at graduation. So imagine my surprise when I was headed to my car after work one day and saw her standing on the sidewalk. Once we recognized each other, I think the squealing could be heard a couple of blocks away. Now we "do lunch" at our favorite little restaurant nearby and spent a little quality girl time catching up on all the latest news.

The wedding was very small - just family and a couple of friends. I felt very privileged to be invited, and best of all, I finally got a chance to meet her parents. Lovely people. Her dad and her new husband both tried pretty hard to get the dirt on our college years, but since most of my stories implicate both of us, I kept my mouth shut.

Much love and congratulations, C. - Brian & I wish you many happy years together!

And no, I won't post that picture of C. dressed like an early 80s Madonna for a frat party. Your dad offered money, which is tempting, but no. ;)


JPT said...

Hmm....I'm fairly sure I could dig up some similar photos! (If C is who I think it is)
By the way, congrats to the happy couple as well!

Jennie said...

yep - same girl - and she better be glad I'm too lazy to scan pictures. Or that we went to school before everyone had digital cameras.

Samantha said...

Jennie is just worried that C. would retaliate with her own pictures :-)