Movies and Moving

Monday night I sent Brian out to see a movie. I told him to leave the phone on vibrate in case I needed him, but to enjoy it because it may be the last movie he'll see for a while. Of course, he went to see Batman: The Dark Knight.

So, with Brian gone and Helen asleep, I went to bed early. I spent the night trying not to toss and turn too much - which is actually really difficult to do at this stage. I can't lie on my back for more than about a minute without getting lightheaded, so I switch sides to lie on. Waking up after a few hours of lying on one side, my ear hurts, my hip hurts, and sometimes I'm having a little contraction to boot. I gather up the energy to move to the other side, which is a pretty big endeavor. It takes a lot of preparation to haul that much weight on your belly over to the other side without causing giant painful cramps around the hips (those poor ligaments are already stretched to the max), so I slowly make my way over to the other hip and ear, crushing those for a few more hours. Sometimes I mix it up and throw in a bathroom break.

A few times in the past month I have slept in the guest room since the heavy manuvering tends to wake up Brian. I shove a bunch of pillows all around me and it seems to be comfortable. I wake up about the same number of times, but I don't feel as bad about how much I'm moving around. I really like sleeping in my own bed better, but there's not as much room for a bunch of pillows, Brian, me *and* my belly. So it's a tradeoff.

The whole thing is getting a little tiring, and I wake up more and more sore each day. I'm actually looking forward to taking a snooze in that adjustable hospital bed, propped up on about 4 pillows, sleeping ON MY BACK.

(For the worried, I went to see Batman last night, enduring nearly 3 hours in a movie theater seat without a bathroom break - and it was totally worth it.)


ElastiGirl said...

when i got to this stage in each of my pregnancies, I wished I had not been so adamant about throwing out that hideous recliner... it seemed like it would have been more comfortable. isn't it amazing how your body gets you ready to tolerate nights that are slept in increments?

Curly Girl said...

The one thing I have recently learned, is that they are easier in than out. Yikes!

One of my best girlfriends told me once to try and think about the things you enjoy during pregnancy, because you never know if this will be your last one.

Love ya cuz, sending Labor Dust your way!