Forward Progress

So here's the update: at the OB's office this morning, we learned I'm dilated to 3cm, and I'm 70% effaced. For those who don't know what that means, I'll just say that my cervix did spend the past week getting thinner.

That's the first thing that's gotten thinner on me in a long, long time.

The doctor and I were both pretty excited about this progress. She said she would not be surprised to hear that I'm ready to go in the next few days. Woo hoo!

Hopefully baby & I can hold out until the weekend, when I have a little bit of time to clean my house AGAIN. And do laundry AGAIN. And go shopping AGAIN.

After spending last weekend doing the same thing, it's exhausting to consider, but I'm so thrilled to hear that the pain & discomfort was moving everything along, that I don't really mind a bit.

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Dad said...

We're all "pushing" for you.