Washed Up

There's been a delay in posting beach pictures because we left the laptop in Florida. We always make a check of the rooms before we head out, but this bag must have been hiding very well. Perhaps it watched me take over a hundred pictures that weekend and decided that it needed a vacation. I'm not sure. Fortunately we noticed it was missing before the housekeeping staff had a chance to put it up on eBay, so it arrived back home today. First order of business was to load up pictures and post them all for you.

Helen had a LOVELY time at the beach. We got there around lunchtime on Friday, and immediately took all of our stuff to basecamp. Aunt C. headed down to the beach with Helen, but Helen was a little dismayed by the water and the waves.

She spent a few hours avoiding the water at all costs:

But she especially enjoyed it when her mommy left the beach chair for a minute to refresh her drink:

Our last day there, I went with another couple down to the beach for an evening photo session. I also got a chance to snap some good pictures of Helen, although by this point in the weekend, she was VERY tired of me taking her picture.

She crashed shortly after these pictures were taken, and my cousins will be pleased to know that I've shared the Cousin Trip Uno Rules with a brand-new group of converts. For those of you not in the know: if you play a 7, you have to switch hands with another player. If you play a 0, everyone at the table switches hands in the direction of play. (A word of warning: Cousin Trip Rules on a group our size means the game goes FOREVER.) But anyway, here is a picture of us playing, where D. is about to lay the smackdown on someone.


Sara said...

Cousin Trip Rules RULE! If that makes any sense. I do miss the cousin trip. We need to plan a cousin weekend or something or another. I'm switching from shaas to sara in this blog because it is my google blogger ID - not that I am skilled enough or have an exciting enough life to blog it, but hey.

{P.S. You are a mom now, you are supposed to have mastered the hotel room sweep as part of the training....)

Jennie said...

I told you - it was HIDING from me.

Yeah, I know, no excuses.

Christine said...

You left out feeding the sharks! Great pics... Auntie 'Tine

Evie said...

great pix - wish we were there, again.