Introducing Mrs. Amazing Babysitter

Saturday night was Amazing Babysitter's wedding. I had set up an Alternate Babysitter weeks ago, but last week she called to say her boyfriend surprised her with a trip out of town for that weekend. She had lined up Alternate #2 for me, which I thought was very kind.

The problem was, Alternate #2 never showed up. Not sure if there was a miscommunication or what, but I was all dressed and ready to go and 20 minutes past the time we had agreed on, she still wasn't there.

I threw a dress on Helen and put her in the car. She could sit through an hour long Wedding Mass, right?


Brian & I traded between staying with Helen outside and watching the service. So, when the bride & groom's getaway vehicle arrived, Helen and I got to enjoy it first:

Can you see Helen's reflection in the grill?

On the way to the reception, we asked Helen if she wanted to go to a party. Her reaction: "YEAH! I want party!!" It was bedtime, but she was still going strong. At the reception, AB & Helen got a chance to catch up:

Helen danced more than most of the guests. I couldn't keep her off the dance floor. She had a ball running around the floor, without her shoes, and bobbing her head to the music. And then one minute, she was dancing, and the next minute she sort of stumbled, and I picked her up, and her eyes slammed shut.

The bride and groom head off for their two-week honeymoon cruise around the Mediterranean later this week. Yes, we're all insanely jealous. I know they'll have a great time, and we're so happy for them. Congratulations, you two!

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ali said...

what an incredible night! i was honored she could come! and you guys of course! :) i'll call you when i get back and bring lots of pictures! LOVE YOU ALL~!