Fun in the Sun

Last weekend Helen and I visited with my family. They had a belated birthday present for her - a doll called "My Twinn." Send in a picture, and they recreate your child as a doll:

As an avid reader of Stephen King novels from a very early age, I promptly took my mother aside to ask her if the doll would tell Helen to, um, do things to us. Really. It's a gorgeous doll, but a little TOO lifelike. I've got my eye on "My Twinn."

We also had a little swim party at my sister's house. Helen and Cousin M. had a ball, jumping into the pool and swimming for hours in the "wah-wah." Helen got a brand-new swimsuit just for the occasion. It's one of those toddler suits that has little floats sewn into it. Helen got the hang of it pretty quickly, and became a jumping fiend. This way I didn't have to panic every time she hit the water.

I've got a little clip of video for you of Helen at her best in the pool, which features her Grandpa, too - it's about 30 seconds long. Click here, and don't forget your sunscreen.


Dad said...

At one point, I swear Helen sprouted gills. What a fish she is!

Sara said...

Uh... The doll is freaking me out. Really. Steven King could dream up 1000 ways to freak me out with that thing. Ugh.

But she sure is cute with the jumping.

Aunt Susan said...

Funny, my twin doesn't look like me...Hmmm, is that a good thing? What a cutie!