More Video

I found some much older video on the same tape as Helen's birthday stuff. I forgot about the time I spent documenting her crawling (and later, standing). So I picked a couple of clips and put them together a 3-minute video which you can see here.

I sort of teared up at the end, when she smiled so big at me. Really, it's amazing to see how much she's grown up. I can't believe there was ever a time I didn't spend all day saying, "Mommy said no." Or that she didn't spend all day saying "No!" to me. But video proof of that blissful era does exist, and I've been watching it over and over, to remind myself why I got into this mommy thing in the first place.

Maybe I'll start videoing more of her. You guys enjoy this stuff, right?

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Bam Paw said...

What a doll!! From army crawl to moving out smartly in 2 months. That smile at the end and Hi! is priceless. Glad you got it on film.