But ...it's ... GRAPEfruit.

Sometimes Brian goes on a grapefruit bender. He'll buy a big bag at the grocery store and eat two a day for a while. This month was the first time Helen wanted to try it. Her newest trick is to try something, make a face like she's just tasted gravel, and immediately say, "I like it!" She'll proceed to demand it at every meal for a week.

Grapefruit has been no exception. She saw the latest big bag on the counter this morning and asked for it. I told her no, that's Daddy's grapefruit. She said, "SHARE Daddy's grapefruit. SHARE."

That kid's a quick one, I tell ya.

I inherited the anti-grapefruit gene from my dad, who spent every Christmas morning trying to figure out how to make his "special Christmas breakfast" of grapefruit disappear so he could open presents. I think he had some willing siblings as accomplices, but some years it was probably a bit touch & go on whether he got to see the Lincoln logs or not. So my sister and I grew up in a house without grapefruit. Later in my adult life, I tried grapefruit juice and found the whole experience to be a little too sour. To be married to a man who's such a fan of the stuff is a little strange, but fortunately he doesn't put down a plate of it in front of me and make me eat the whole thing before I can watch any TV. So we're good.

But now I've got a kid who likes it and wants to eat it. So what do I do? Take pictures, of course!


ali said...

i'm with you! i can't handle the grapefruit! i am back and can't wait to see you ! call you this weekend!

Dad said...

You can only imagine how puckered I got looking at those pictures. Brian is more than welcome to eat every last grapefruit in this country without any competition from me. OOOOEEEE!

Sara said...

I'm sure my mom was one of the ones helping your dad out with the grapefruit consumption. I feel so lucky that my mom switched to having a strictly coffee cake Christmas tradition. No grapefruit for me. UGH.

Samantha said...

Grapefruit - yuk!! Luckily, Helen looks as cute as ever eating it.