Zoo-topia, except for the train

The cousins had such a good time at the zoo together. Lions and tigers and elephants, OH MY!

The elephant's enclosure was being cleaned and readied for lunch, and the room where they keep him is accessible to the public. We went around to see him, and Helen waved to the big guy several times. The elephant didn't really notice. He kept pacing around his little room.

Suprisingly, the zoo also had a few buffaloes. I was impressed that I could get this close. Cousin M. wanted to ride one. Um, sorry, buddy.

We found a huge flock of pink flamingos, too. Here's Helen with her Nana. Grandpa is right behind her, and Cousin M. stayed in the stroller.

Most zoos have something for the kids, besides all the animals. This zoo is no exception - there's a train that runs around the woods behind the zoo. No viewing of any animal enclosures, although I did see a chipmunk scurry across the track. We started off just fine with the kids - here they are getting settled in their seats. I've included it because I had no idea I got the shot until I got home. Grandpa's face CRACKS ME UP.

But about 100 yards down the track, I'm not sure if the occasional "TOOT TOOT" of the train horn bothered her, or the noise of the engine, but Nana took a picture of how Helen spent the rest of the ride:

If the trip to the zoo taught me anything, it's that I need to figure out how to get my camera to focus on its intended subject, and I don't need to spend extra money on train tokens at the zoo. Thank you, Helen.

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