Woof woof woof woof woof!

Friday night Brian cooked ribs, and we invited a guest to join us for dinner: the Amazing Babysitter. Very soon she will be the Amazing Married Babysitter. So it was a good chance to relax and have fun before the wedding chaos descends.

Amazing Babysitter brought over her two babies: 3-year old German shepherds. Massive dogs - very tall, solid, and FRIENDLY. She had them on the leash at first, but took them off after a few minutes and they obeyed her instantly. Came when she called, didn't bark, and didn't get into any trouble.

Too bad I didn't get her to train Helen from the beginning!

Helen squealed with delight all evening. She was not the least bit scared of these dogs, who outweighed her by at least 50 pounds each. She patted them and barked at them and chased them everywhere. And she talked about the "puppy dogs" all weekend. Fortunately, they were good-natured, patient dogs who were so busy checking out the new backyard, they didn't even notice this little squealing child who kept patting them.

Presenting SCOUT and PATTON, the gorgeous German Shepherds:


ali said...

how sweet! i love it! helen had such a good time and i did too! i was tempted to let her ride one of them! thanks for a great evening!

Jennie said...

That's okay - I think your dogs showed up at the pony ride the next day.