The One Without Pictures

This weekend I traveled home with Helen to visit the family. Helen and Cousin M. played together non-stop on Saturday. We took them to the zoo for a few hours. We showed them monkeys and elephants and giraffes and lions and tigers and even pink flamingos. Now that they're older, they're having more fun seeing the animals.

The only time they napped was during a short trip in the car. Fighting sleep every step of the way, they stayed up until 9 pm and then CRASHED. Their parents didn't last much longer than that.

I also got a late birthday present - a very special accessory for MY PRECIOUSSSS. It's a zoom lens (75-300mm, for the camera geeks), and a couple of memory cards to help with the maximum number of Helen pictures required to get me through the day.

But you may have noticed I haven't posted any of those pictures. I took so many this weekend that the laptop started laughing when I got home. Seriously. I heard, "Hahahahahahahaha! AS IF, LADY." It was a little eerie, actually.

So, I'll do some technical fiddling tonight. That's my word for it. I'm not the big geek in the family, so I fiddle and cross my fingers that nothing crashes. It usually works. But it probably explains a lot about why my laptop laughs at me.

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