To the 80's, with love.

I spent WAAAY too much time laughing at this.

Did anyone else spend afternoons running around their neighborhood with their shirts tucked up and over?

I should have gotten a Barbie doll, who won't hate me in 15 years for dressing her up and taking pictures - and laughing.

Helen, I'm sorry. For the bunny outfit, for this picture, and for who knows what else will happen this decade in fashion. But if my mom spent the 70's putting me in brown plaid pants with an orange turtleneck and taking pictures, by god, you can deal with a tucked onesie that makes me smile, and reminds me of carefree weekends playing outside with my best friends, wishing we were grownups already.

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Evie said...

the scary thing . . . the 80's clothes are coming back!