The square root of D.W.I.

A solution to the word problem, from our friend Xander:

H = X * Y + Z / U where U is an undefined variable
J = (Z-3) + U + (SqRt (X*Y))

HU = X * Y + Z
HU - Z = X * Y
Z = HU - (X * Y)


J = ((HU - XY)-3) + U + (SqRt (XY))
J-SqRt(XY) = (HU-XY)-3 + U
U = J-SqRt(XY) - (HU-XY) + 3

Therefore, we can easily deduce that after a mere 4 days you attempt to purchase a tranquilizer gun, but are arrested on the way home for:
Driving While Impaired (sleep deprivation, I am sure)
Carrying a Concealed Weapon
Possession of a firearm without a license


I think I understood the part about "driving while impaired."

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Patricia Pomeroy Tanner said...

I liked your blog but I hate math! You do have a talent for writing and I found myself laughing. There are a lot of great writers out there but few who can make people laugh. That is truely a wonderful gift. I hope you will develop it.

By the way my mother's name was Jennie.

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