Finding Nemo

Helen has a puzzle that she loves. I found a picture of it online and posted it here so you could see what I'm talking about:

Cute, huh? It has a fishing rod with a magnet for a hook. You try to get the hook to touch the metal spot on a fish. If you pull gently enough, the puzzle piece comes out and you've "caught" your fish. It's supposed to teach toddlers dexterity and manuevering. And possibly patience, although Helen's a little slow to learn that lesson.

So on Friday night, it's a wild party in the Wyatt house as Helen's doing her best to make sure no one's sleeping. So we resorted to a little bit of quiet fishing. I've been playing with this puzzle for some time now, and was quite surprised to hear Brian praise Helen with the actual names of the fish as she reeled them in. Like:

When I mentioned it to Brian, he said, "Yeah, what were you calling them?"

Um ...

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