Workin' for the Weekend

Helen's Cousin M. made an appearance this weekend, along with Aunt M. & Uncle S. The fun started Friday night and didn't end until they left late Sunday afternoon. The two kids spent a lot of time in Helen's room, where Helen read books to him and showed him how to jump in her crib. Then Cousin M. made everyone a lot of food in Helen's kitchen, and built a giant Lego tower, several times. The time in between, they spent digging in the toy boxes for other things to entertain themselves. Today, the toy boxes look like someone tossed a grenade in and walked away.

Saturday we took the kids to the train museum downtown. To say Cousin M. is a huge fan of trains is like saying Bear Bryant watched football. We couldn't even tell the kids where they were going until just before we pulled into the parking lot, for fear of crying and wailing and much gnashing of teeth for the entire drive. Instead, it was a mysterious surprise with very little build up. Which, thank goodness we didn't build it up too much, because there wasn't a whole lot to see.

Here's a few shots inside the museum, where they had some old models set up, as well as pictures of old trains that ran many decades ago:

Here's a shot of a giant warehouse area behind the museum, where two giant model sets have been under construction since November. One of the owners was hanging around and offered to turn it on for us. So the kids got to see very tiny trains move.

Then Helen & Cousin M. headed outside to catch some of the action on the tracks (not moving):

Back at home that night, we cooked out on the grill. Uncle S. tried to interest the kids in some bubbles, but no dice:

Aunt M. had more luck, however, when she let Helen blow a bubble:

Sunday we would have enjoyed a lovely swim, but Helen was too tired to last for long. She begged me to take her home, and then got some kind of second wind that kept her from napping. By the time she crash-landed in the crib, she was 5 hours behind schedule and CRANKY.

Anything to stay up with her cousins, I tell ya. God forbid she miss out on The Fun.

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Sara said...

Love the pic of the two of them waling hand in hand toward the train... That is my favorite.

Cousins are meant to stay up and spend as much time as possible together. Just wait until they can play UNO!