It's the little things

I have heard horror stories from other moms at the daycare about taking their kid to get a haircut - every single one of them has cried through the entire experience. Didn't matter if the kid was in the mom's lap or sitting in the chair alone - haircuts from strangers were very scary. So I've been a little nervous about getting Helen's hair cut. I had kind of hoped it would grow out all one length, but her bangs have been doing this freaky thing for about 2 months now, where the longer layers on top are growing out and keep getting in her eyes.

Finally, when Brian mentioned this weekend that she might need a trim, I decided it might be best to work our way up to the salon experience slowly, starting at home with a cut from Mom.

Now, I know what my mother and my sister are doing right now, and that is laughing hysterically. Seriously. I was not "cut out" to be a barber and proved that constantly when I tried trimming my own bangs during my youth. It would always prove disastrous, and Mom would have to "fix it" and then I'd wind up with SHORT BANGS that looked ridiculous.

Understandably, I was a bit nervous about cutting Helen's hair. She's a bit wiggly and squirmy and I could see scissors and forehead making a dangerous combination. Also, I wasn't sure how she'd react to hearing that Mom wanted to cut her hair.

So the other night during her bath, I tried making a big deal about how much fun it would be to have a haircut. I sounded very excited, like, "Hey Helen, would you like to have ... a HAIRCUT?!?" And she fell for it. "Yeah!!!" She chattered about haircuts all through the drying off and the dressing and the hair combing. Of course, she's only two and I don't think she had a clue what a haircut was. But if Mom was excited about it, by god, she wanted a haircut.

I warned her that she had to be very, very still. And she was. She was SO GOOD. She even went downstairs and showed Daddy her new haircut. She's talked about it several times today, too.

Pat on the back for me, thank you very much.

It took about 30 seconds to clip a few centimeters off her bangs, but if you've seen recent pictures of Helen and wondered what her mother was thinking, letting her hair go all HIPPIE like that ... well, your worries are over. Enjoy.

Another quick update - her My Twinn doll mentioned here came with a set of matching clothing for Helen. However, it was too large so I had it exchanged. The new outfit arrived today, and after I opened the package, Helen wanted to put it on immediately. She wore it all day, and kept saying "Baby outfit. Helen outfit." She was very proud of it.

I hope you are just as freaked out as I am, looking at this picture.

The catalog of My Twinn clothing and accessories, however, is a good enough for a blog entry all by itself, which I will save for another day this week. Stay tuned.


Sara said...
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Sara said...

***Scary music plays in the background and a scream begins to swell***


ElastiGirl said...

too cute - you deserve a margarita after that!!

tracicle said...

She's so cute! I've trimmed the back of Amy's hair -- it was business in the front, but a bit too much party in the back, if you know what I'm saying. Ethan's been going to the hairdresser since he was about 16 months (double crown, ick), and he sat really well for ages, then went through a fidgety phase, now he's back to being a good sitter. Be prepared for overconfidence!

The My Twinn thing...hmm.

Kimberly said...

She looks beautiful! Helen that is :) Nice job on the cut cuz!!