A New Career Option

Helen's Aunt A. just got back from a conference in China, and she brought back gifts for everyone. I got a very nice pink pearl necklace with matching earrings, while Brian scored a few pirated DVDs and a faux Rolex. Copyright protectors, take THAT.

Helen's gift, however, was perfect. Bright pink, with beautiful dragonflies - stop by to see her debut at the local Chinese buffet restaurant, seating folks and taking their drink orders. I don't think the blonde hair or blue eyes will confuse them at all, do you?

Helen's future in hostessing is only limited by the seams in this dress. Clearly, she's straining to keep it together. It's labeled a "4" which possibly would have fit Helen at 4 months. I think it's too late to put her on a diet just for this outfit.

Her Aunt A. hadn't seen her in a few weeks, and she kept saying all evening, "She's gotten so tall!" Which is a nice way of saying, girl, that belly is NOT doing you any favors right now, and your mother BETTER stop taking so many pictures of it.

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ali said...

love it!