Jingle Bells

Helen's daycare has already started the onslaught of artwork. I'm never sure what to save of all the things she's done - whether it's fingerpainting, or glued cutouts, or drawings with markers. It all starts to look the same, and averaging about 3 new pieces per week means I've got a lot of paper piling up. Occasionally I'll sort through the stack and toss anything that looks boring.

This morning, I found this one in her folder and decided it was perfect for sharing with all of you.

Clearly, at 18 months, she has yet to master gluing tiny scraps of paper in a straight line. Heck, most days the Wyatt house has trouble walking in a straight line, so at least she comes by it honestly.

This year we haven't put up a Christmas tree, or taken her picture with Santa. (Here's last year's picture.) The tree would have been field-stripped in 38 seconds, and she wouldn't let go of me when I tried to get her near the old guy at the mall. Maybe next year we'll have a little more luck with both of those holiday traditions. However, I'm confident that opening presents will be no problem.

And in the meantime, a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

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JPT said...

Merry Christmas! :)
LML freaked out at Santa so completely that no picture of either her or BB was possible. Ah well, when one encounters the most powerful man in the universe how does one respond? With abject terror of course.