The Muppet Show

Our friend W., the Navy officer I mentioned in a previous post, recently sent Helen a bunch of Muppet DVDs, including movies and the first season of the Muppet Show. Helen will go to the DVD player, point, and say something. It doesn't sound like Kermit or Muppets, but that's what she means. Too bad if you're watching something. It's required that you stop and put in a Muppet DVD.

She spends the opening theme song dancing. She bobs her head around and moves her arms. Shortly after that ends, her interest wanders. Except for the Swedish Chef skits. She will stop whatever she's doing to watch Swedish Chef.

She knows some of the characters. She can point out Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and Animal. She can say "hommel, hommel." That's "Animal, Animal."

It's been fun watching the first season again. Such happy memories of my childhood, watching this show with my family. I can't imagine what TV executives thought in the mid 70's when they put puppets on in prime-time, but they deserve an award for it. I wish they still had that kind of imagination today.

And I dare you to watch this scene from "Muppets in Space" without a smile on your face. 4_on the Floor fans will especially appreciate the link.


Dad said...

Awesome link. Thanks for a great laugh. It's time to cue up the whole movie again. I hope Helen grows to love the Muppets as much as all of us did and still do.

Mom/Neena/Nana said...

Way to get down with your bad self… I love it! I think it's time to watch the whole thing. I'm glad to know she loves the Muppets--they are a classic.