A lot can happen in a blog.

This week Helen had an appointment for her 18-month immunization shots.

Her doctor is a wonderful lady - very sharp, yet quite friendly. But the best part is, when I tell her funny stories about Helen, she actually laughs. I never noticed how many doctors don't laugh, like EVER, until I met this one. Most doctors are too busy to listen to you. They're ready to move on once you start making jokes. Maybe they all skipped the class where people in my generation figured out how to use humor as a defense mechanism. So, doc, when I'm making jokes about chest pain, maybe you better ask me if it's heartburn, or will I need an ambulance to the emergency room? I guess medical school and residency and a busy practice suck all of the humor out of life. How could a patient possibly joke about chest pain?


This pediatrician job-shares with another doctor, so she's only losing half of her workweek to joyless pursuit of financial freedom. Then, every 3 months, I show up as the last appointment of the day - and I bring a really funny story about Helen. How much better can your job possibly get?

So, while we were waiting to see the doctor, I thought to myself, "Hey! She clearly appreciates my sense of humor, and maybe she'd enjoy our blog. I should write down the address for her ..." (loud sound of needle scratching across a record)

I almost let Helen's doctor see all of my lousy parenting skills. Letting Helen play with pill bottles and inhale paint fumes? Ignoring ear infections, or advertising the sale of my firstborn? Hanging out for hours at a whiskey still?

Wow, that was close. I mean, really close.


Mom/Neena/Nana said...

Wow! Sounds like a Grey's Anatomy script… Waaaay too close for comfort.

Christine said...

Not lousy just a bit challenged with first born. :)

Dad said...

I know what you mean. I told my doctor after I started on Byetta (a derivative from a hormone in gila monsters) that I had developed a taste for flies. I was trying to get him to laugh. He looked at me like I was from outer space, then moved on to the next room. Oh well.