It's pink and it has a cat on it.
You'd buy it, too.

Don't you just love Helen's new purse? She got this from her daddy, who loves Hello Kitty a lot. (Some would say, too much.) And Helen loves this purse, too. I especially love how she's giving me the eye in this picture, like "Hey, hands off my purse, lady."

Helen carries it around, shoving various toys in it. Sometimes it's the baby car keys, or the baby cell phone, or the baby remote control. (Can you tell what she likes to play with? Believe me, these are not suitable replacements for the real thing.)

She also has a bunch of my old Mardi Gras beads, and she spends a lot of time putting them in her purse and taking them out again. Then she carries the purse to another part of the room and starts the whole process over again.

It reminds me a lot of what I do all day at work.

Random Update #1:Several of you have asked, "So, Jennie, what did Brian do that was so funny?" Honestly, I could tell you, but then Brian would have to kill me AND you. So, really, folks, I'm not telling!!

Random Update #2: To "Anonymous and Possibly Former Friends in Destin" who phoned over Labor Day Weekend just to mention that they were in Destin, and I wasn't, AND HEY, LET'S RUB IT IN A LITTLE MORE: not cool. SOOOOO not cool.


Anonymous said...

Hey that wasn't me man... Mom told me how cute the cousins were when they were visiting so I was trying to get in on what I missed. We did miss you!
Hey you know what is missing from all these pictures????
A LAB - Brown to be specific. Now that you have a fenced yard and a handle on the family stuff don't you want another furry addition for to your family. She is less than a year old and such a sweetie. She ignores the cat, probably because she's never seen one. Her name is BINGO!
Let me know. Love ya! 'Tine

Jennie said...

Our pet policy is "no dog until Helen is old enough to walk it herself."

Which can also translate to: "Let's wait until we're out of cats."

shaas said...

Funny, I've never seen the hello kitty purse, yet I know that this picture was taken in my house.... What parallel universe were you operating in.

Evie said...

Must have been smurf! ps - I'm catching up on all of the blogs tonight - can't access at work as we seem to have iron clad firewalls. Lovin the news!