Helen learns "Touchdown!"

We had friends over for ribs and football on Saturday. Helen was really excited to see our friend S. He's one of those guys who has energy to spare for a kid. Totally ready to play, and way more fun than an actual parent. At one point, Brian said, "Helen, come give Da-da a hug," and Helen ran straight for S. Brian's still hurting a little from that one. Little tip, Helen - try that again, and you won't ever get the keys to the car.

We also had the Amazing Babysitter over for the food and games. Helen had a ball eating cheese and crackers with us. She dipped her cracker and ate the cheese, then dipped the (soggy) cracker back in the cheese.

Now that I think about it, the cheese was all hers after that.


Mom C said...

Thanks for the great pictures!!! They are all wonderful, but I especially love the touchdown picture. And, of course, the one with the dip. Looks like she takes right to partying!
Your weekend sounds like it was loads of fun and you did a great job sharing it. Keep those blogs coming.....

Dad said...

Helen couldn't stay in the Wyatt house if she didn't know how to signal Touchdown! What would Seinfeld say about "double dipping" her chip?