Good News

It's been about 2 weeks since the mortifying conversation with the daycare teacher about Helen needing to have rules.

It was a pretty rough week after that - she spent most mornings at school crying, wanting her pacifier, asking for a morning nap that they don't allow. That was frustrating for everyone.

So I spent last weekend making sure Helen stuck to the daycare schedule, instead of taking an extra morning nap. Voila! Much happier kid the next week at school. Several days I called to check on her, and she was definitely improving.

Those of you unfamiliar with daycare may not know that the babies get daily reports. Every day since she was 8 weeks old, I've taken home a report on the day's activities:

With the report, the parents know what the child ate, what the diapers were like, and how long they napped.

I found out quickly how important it is to know this stuff, because Helen will sometimes eat very little at lunch and then proceed to chew my arm off when I get home. Check the report - "ate very little of my main item." Hmm. Got it. Helen, I'm cooking it at light speed, sweetie. Stop gnawing on my elbow.

Last week, the notes along the side had included details from her teacher about being cranky, crying or asking for her pacifier. This week, the notes were a little nicer. Then, there was Friday's note:

That teacher, I'm not sure if she was giving us a compliment, or simply toying with me. Either way, Brian & I laughed a lot. LISTENED TWICE.

It's way more than we ever get from her at home.


Anonymous said...

All I keep thinking is that I'd love to see the expression on the day care person's face when she read her report card from me....

Anonymous said...

This is just TOOOOO Cute!!!

Tried to call ya, but no answer. I guess blogging is the way to go, eh? Unfortunately, I still type painfully slow!


Jennie said...

Sam, try the cell phone! I got a new one in May, so the dropped calls shouldn't be an issue. :)