Opportunity of a Lifetime

This year Helen went back to the farm we visited last year. This time, she had a date. We took a friend from daycare, and they had a ball running around together.

You might recognize some of this stuff from the last post. But one of my proudest moments as a parent came when Helen cut in line on the slide. *sigh*

As I looked around me, there must have been over 300 people milling around with their children that Sunday afternoon. Picking out pumpkins, walking through the corn maze, or watching their children run around in a wide open space that's hard to find in their own neighborhood. At $5 a head, you can see where I'm going with this.

Next year, maybe people will pay to see the pumpkin patch in my backyard. I still have some small details to figure out, like how to fit a pumpkin patch on .17 acres of land, or how to grow the corn maze, or where to park 300 cars ... but I'm telling you, a farm is a gold mine in October. And I've got to cash in on Halloween myself, if only to pay for all the candy I'm giving away tonight.

Speaking of which, it's Pixie Stix and M&Ms. What were your favorite Halloween treats to get?

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