When Did She Learn That?

Today I brought Helen home from daycare, and we went outside to play. After running around with the lawn mower, she hopped up on the swing with me and performed all of her new tricks.

She can sing the entire alphabet without any help.

She can count to ten without any help.

She can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, skipping only one line and putting up her hands to show the diamond in the sky.

I knew I was paying that daycare a lot of money, and today, it was worth every single penny. Sometimes I feel so inadequate as a parent, not knowing how to teach her anything, except to repeat it over and over again, sometimes louder. And now she is telling me that she can do it. Message received, loud and clear.

This must be the rewarding part of parenting. I thought it was when she picks out a good nursing home for me.

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Dad said...

Thank goodness we didn't have to wait until you took the car keys away from us to be proud of you.