You're gonna love it in an instant

Last weekend, Helen asked me to put hairbows in her hair. Hairbows are the code name for rubber bands in her hair. The first time I tried to put one in, I had to convince her it was the cool thing and "ponytail" wasn't going to work. I knew she'd get stuck on the "pony" part. So I told her that it would involve a BOW. In her HAIR. And the name stuck.

Anyway, she wanted lots of hairbows that day. So I proceeded to comb and section her hair into 4 different areas of approximately the same amount of hair, and started loading up with the rubber bands. I added a 5th one for her bangs at the last minute, probably because she was not wiggling like a maniac who needs his meds.

Later that night, she crashed on me before I could bathe her and get the rubberbands out. So, they stayed until the next morning.

I remember she was in fine spirits the next morning, and the little scamp managed to carry a small horde of her Little People upstairs to her crib for a nap. First they were under her blanket:

Until I took it off to take a picture:

You can see that Ms. Hairbow McHairtyPants decided to get into the photo shoot by climbing on the crib. At that point, I managed to get the most gorgeous shot of her eyes I've ever seen. Coming from a girl who's taken at *least* 1,000 pictures since the end of April, I think that's saying something.

It's the covergirl smile with the hair of a hobo. *sighs heavily*

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tracicle said...

That photo is full of awesome! I can't convince my own urchin to keep anything in her hair for longer than about five minutes, although she adores having them there. She likes to pull them out to look at them and make sure they're still there. Heh.