So you think YOU'RE tired ...

I read an article in the news today that the Duggar family just gave birth this week to baby number 17.

This family is pretty famous, with all the shows on Discovery & TLC. They have a LOT of kids, and they still want more. I can't imagine being in her shoes for one minute, and yet they seem blissfully happy to be right there. So, I say, more power to them, and no, I will not have any of your water, thank you very much.

But, two things struck me about this news today that I thought I'd share with you. First, the article mentioned she has spent over 10 years of her life in pregnancy. Now, Helen gave me a "get out of jail free" card and I got to skip the last painful, awful month entirely - thank you, sweetie - but TEN YEARS? Mrs. Duggar must LOVE her maternity clothes. I could have cheerfully set a bonfire on the front lawn when I was done.

The second thing that I noticed is the new baby's name is Jennifer. All 17 children have names that start with "J," girls outnumber boys 10-7, and it took TEN GIRLS to finally get around to naming one of them Jennifer.

So, officially and all? I'm like, offended.


Sara said...

Not that it will reduce your being offended by much, but the GIRLS are outnumbered 7-10 by the boys. So Jennifer is their 7th favorite name. Behind Joy-anna - which is almost like your middle name. Or at least what it might have been, if you were from Arkansas.

Lolly said...

I read about these people Jennie and thought of you immediately. It might be tricky to come up with 17 "H" names but I'm sure you can manage it (Harold, Henry, Henrietta, Helga, HERMIONE - of course, as disclosed earlier, this one means nothing to you)

Jennie said...

okay, so leave it to a math major to point out the fatal flaw in my blog entry. ;)