An S.O.S.

Last night Helen had a hard time eating her orange Jello with a spoon. She got a little bit of it on the spoon, brought it up to her mouth, then the Jello slid off and she ate a spoonful of nothing.

She LOVES to eat Jello, but she's at the age now where she really wants to eat with a spoon. So she held up the spoon and said, "Help. Help. Help."

It melted my heart, it really did. I put some Jello on the spoon and she leaned down to eat it. We finished the plateful with me feeding her, and she was happy.

I realized at that moment, even though I have the pictures of my pregnant body, and I was in the room and I know I delivered a baby, this child is so unlike me. I NEVER ask for help. Even if I need it desperately and someone's offering, I usually refuse. It amazed me that she tried once, maybe twice, and then she said, "Help. Help. Help." I don't know how to do that.

Sometimes I honestly wish I could be more like that little girl.

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