In stark contrast to the entry below, Helen sometimes decides that she can do something on her own. Not knowing when she needs help, and when her head will start spinning furiously in circles, is a little bit scary.

For example, these days she wants to climb into her high chair. She's been pretty good at it, but when her shoes get in the way, she gets stuck. Then I try to help her sit down. Sometimes she is okay with that. Other times she screams so loudly, I think the neighbors must be dialing DHS.

During one of the screaming jags this weekend, I was reminded of an amusing
blog entry by Mimi Smartypants that I read shortly after Helen was born. MS has a small child named Nora who is darling and quite smart. Now that Helen is racing toward her 2nd birthday, I thought I'd share this memorable bit of the entry with you all:

Nora was going through my purse and found something.
Nora: What is this?
Me: That's my business card.
Nora: Where's Nora's business card?
Me: Oh, I don't think you have a business card!
Nora: I have business card? I have business card right now? Please?

We moved on to other topics and she forgot all about it, but ever since I have been wondering what a two-year-old's business card would say. In Nora's case, I'm thinking something like

Nora do it.
Nora do it.
Nora do it.
(phone number)

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Mom/Nana/Neena said...

Boy, does that sound familiar. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...