My very own howler monkey

Brian & I talked to our Navy friend W. last night. He very kindly offered me some advice on getting Helen to sleep at a decent hour.

His advice was inspired by a movie called "The Rundown" starring The Rock and Seann William Scott.

I haven't seen this movie, but Will described the crucial scene to me. The Rock and Seann are in the jungle, caught in one of those classic rope traps hidden under a pile of leaves. They're dangling upside down by their ankles from a sturdy tree branch, way up high, when a howler monkey from a nearby tree attacks The Rock. Seann screams, "Establish dominance! Establish dominance!"

For clarity, there's a picture from the scene

Anyway, that's Will's advice to me. Establish dominance.

Trouble is, I think that's Helen's approach as well.

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