One Small Step, One Giant Leap - I Get It Now

This morning there was a point at which I realized I'm not just a person who gave birth to three kids, but a MOM. The first one was born over five years ago, so I've racked up some experience in this job. And when I gave birth to Helen I knew today would happen at some hazy point in the Not Yet Future. As the sun rose this morning, the haze cleared on probably one of the most important days in her life and in my career as a MOM.

Brian and I dropped her off at her first day of kindergarten this morning. Five long years of experience with daily dropoffs at daycare stepped in, so there weren't any tears from us or her. I helped her put up her backpack, and got a hug and after making sure she was sitting in the right spot, she just sort of waved at us, like "Okay, I'm good, you can go now." Brian and I looked at each other, and we said goodbye and walked out. This afternoon I'll go back to pick her up. I'm sure she have plenty of stories about her new teacher and her new friends and her new school. Right now I'm just sort of absorbing it all.

I'm a mom of a kindergartener, a well-adjusted little kid who was truly eager to get started on her future. I didn't even cry about leaving her at a brand-new school.

Way to go, Helen. You're making this MOM gig look easy.

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