Put those dreams on hold

If you didn't know, this weekend was the NFL Draft.  Brian watched diligently for several hours on Saturday and Sunday, commenting occasionally on the prospects of our local team.  Sunday evening he got a call from our Navy friend W.

Brian:  Once again, nobody called me up for the draft.  

W:  And you waited by the phone all weekend.

Brian:  I'm firing my agent.


Jeff Fisher said...

We are requesting your participation at the '08 Titans training camp. Sorry it has taken so long for us to get a deal through to your agent - he drives a hard bargain. Welcome to the squad and good to know you are still available for camp.

Jerry Jones said...

I decided to draft you instead of Pac Man Jones. Can you come to the Cowboys mini-camp next month. We heard that you had 4.1 speed in the 40 yard dash and could march 26 miles with a heavy pack. You're our kind of guy.

Mike Reinfeldt said...


I have an open position for the team waterboy. Perks include a seat on the field for the games and and unlimited supply of H20. Serious inquiries only.