A trip down Memory Lane

Brian and I were watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" this evening, and one of the videos showed a young girl around 8 years old, with her own insect-collection box full of "eleventy-three" cicadas (by her own count).  Her mother asked what she planned to do with the bugs, and the child lifted the box high and replied, "Dump them on Mommy."  Ensuing chaos with the video camera flying in every direction as the woman screamed to the heavens.

(Sounds like a little darling to raise, doesn't she?)

The video inspired Brian to share with me how he and his older brother used to frighten their own mother.

Brian:  We really weakened that lady's heart, I tell you.

Jennie:  What did you do?

Brian:  We used to hide behind corners, waiting for her to walk by, and we'd jump out barking like dogs.  (Brian demonstrates the barking.  It sounds like a couple of Dobermans just discovered an intruder, and wanted to make sure the folks a few blocks away knew they were on the job.)

Brian:  She'd get so scared, she'd turn red and start sweating.  It really got her heart racing.  And we kept at it for about a month.

Jennie:  How old were you?  

Brian:  Oh, we were in high school.

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ali said...

yeah.. that sounds about right for those guys!!!