More Video Fun

This morning I decided it was time to preserve for posterity's sake the current state of Helen's general knowledge.  Daycare is doing a great job of teaching her some basic life skills that she'll need one day soon.  Not only can she sing a little ditty titled "These Are the Months of the Year" (conveniently missing September), but she can also recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  She's proving once and for all that the kid is a great mimic, and I really need to watch my language.  

By the way, the bonus part in the Pledge is not the quick beverage break in the middle.  Stay tuned to the end.


Christine B said...

Okay September is an important month to forget...

Love the "Sit Down" she has definately learned it from her teacher verbatim.

Love it!!

Sara said...

She is darling! And she has to be a little bit bossy to hang in our family. It is only natural.