Sleep is for the birds

Helen's transition to the new toddler room has produced an unexpected side effect. Namely, that she wants to stay up late. I usually put her to sleep between 7:30 and 8:00. The past couple of weeks, she wouldn't go until 9:00. This week, I got her to go down at 11:30. That's rough on everyone, but especially her when she's still asleep in the morning and I'm ready to leave for work.

I think she’s forming a Toddler Union. It's obvious. The whiny demands of a toddler who won't be ignored, going on a hunger strike at random meals, secret meetings with other toddlers while I'm at work - plus all those posters and picket signs hidden under her crib.

If this new bedtime goes on much longer, I may file have to a grievance with the shop steward. Waiting until contract time to talk about it will take far too long, and I’d just end up losing a lot of cheese and apples and milk in the negotiating.

So we’ve been discussing it nightly.

Me: (rocking Helen, who has a pacifier and a bottle) Go to sleep, Helen.

Helen: (takes bottle out of mouth, smiles) Hi, mommy!

Me: (grits teeth) It’s time for sleep, Helen.

Helen: (throws pacifier)

Me: (looks at clock and sighs)

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