Next up: Movie Rights

This year my sister gave me a wonderful Christmas present: she published my first book.

On the sly, she used a self-publishing site called Lulu.com, and organized all of my blog posts through the end of the year into a handy hardcover edition, complete with pictures.

I'm already looking forward to giving copies of this book to any dates that Helen manages to slip past her father, with certain entries tabbed and highlighted. "And here, young man, is the story of Helen's first poo. I hope you enjoy it."

On Christmas morning, Mandy showed me the website on her laptop, on a page that looks very similar to any book listed on Amazon. And I cried, and cried, and cried. I'm an author! For real!

I absolutely ADORE the title, Listening Twice, which refers to this entry.

The first copy has already been purchased. That should zoom me right to the top of the Bestseller List (in our neighborhood), don't you think?

You can visit the page, purchase the book online, preview the first few pages, or even review it. I'm giving my readers a link to it here. Very reasonably priced, although it can't compete with the free archives on the blog.

It's a milestone that someone else achieved for me, and now that it's done, I can try it on my own one day. That's such an exciting feeling, and I can't thank my sister enough for that gift.

By the way, we don't get anything from the sale of this book, except the satisfaction of knowing that Helen can throw it away, and I can order another one.


Dad said...

I just bought 5 copies for us. I can say I knew you when......... Anyone that shows up at our house is doomed. I love the gift idea, and the book itself.

Aunt Susan said...

CONGRATULATIONS! There is nothing like being published and googling your name and finding numerous hits. I am so proud of you!