Installment #2 of Helen's Updates to Canada.

Dear Mommy,

Did you get my letter from Camp Grandma yesterday? I had fun visiting your friend and all of Aunt M's friends at big school yesterday. I got to play in the hall outside the computer lab cause the air conditioning didn't work in the lab and Nana said it was too hot for me in there. I really think it was too hot for her--boy, was her face red. When she took me out in the hall I discovered that there was the neatest echo if I screamed really loud. All the kids in the hall thought that was soooooo cool. I waved bye-bye to all of them and all the little (big to me) girls were oohing and ahing. Aunt M. introduced me to all the kids in her class but we left when I started adding letters and other neat stuff to one of the kid's PowerPoint show. I was having fun--don't know what that kid's problem was. But that might explain why Nana hasn't taken her computer out of its case (at least that I've seen) even though it has been upstairs ever since I've been here.

Today Nana said we are going to the bank to deposit Aunt J.'s check. She said I am going to play outside on the deck too. That sounds like fun. I can push the big truck around and see if I can beat my cousin M's record for dropping things over the edge into the garden below. That will reinforce the "uh-oh" that I love to say. I hope she remembers to take the camera outside... Did you get the pictures we sent yesterday? Nana and I hope you and Daddy are having a good time.


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