Helen Sends an Update to Canada.

Hi Mommy & Daddy,

I hope you guys are having a good time. Nana and I are having fun down here. Just thought I'd drop you a line and give you an update. She (Nana) is doing well and we are getting alone just fine - we did have a bit a a rocky start on Sunday, getting used to each other and all that. You'd think someone that old could get accustomed to a baby faster than that. I thought old people could stay up all night.

But now things are great and we are having fun. Yesterday we went to big school. Nana and I interviewed the special ed teachers at Ms. J's school so we could write our final paper. They all loved me in spite of the fact that I gave them a present during the middle of it all that scorched the paint off the conference room walls. (We left Coach a little present in the men's room trash.) We got the Nana's paper done and e-mailed it off by three. By four o'clock the professor wrote back and said we earned an A in the course! Yeah! My first college project!!

Last night Aunt C. and Uncle P. came over and stayed with me since Nana had choir practice. (Too much church, Nana!) We had fun and Aunt C. took all my sugar. Uncle P. is funny too--he kept saying he wanted to go home and leave Aunt C. with me. I think he really wanted to get away from that big doggie.

Today we are going over to that big grey school after our nap (what's with all the big schools, Nana?) to visit Aunt M. We went to the grocery store this morning and I tried to go home with one of the clerks but Nana was having none of it.

Nana broke out her camera this morning too. Good grief! She kept muttering things like "if only I had my camera upstairs." Just because I was washing my pacifier in the bathwater? And she really wished the camera was closer when I walked all the way across the kitchen and pulled a drawer open. Gosh, Nana's cabinet drawers open fast. It surprised me so much that I fell down on my behind, and I landed so hard it blew the paci right out of my mouth which made me laugh out loud. In fact it was so much fun, I tried it again but Nana said enough--time for lunch.

I told her to send this while I'm napping and be sure to attach some pictures since that annoying camera is out. Have lots of fun and I'll see you soon!


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