Okay, so a few weeks ago Jane's normally sparse hair started growing in an alarming pattern.  She sprouted two tufts of hair on either side of the back of her head.  From the back, it just looks - odd.  And from the front, it looks like a mullet.  Sometimes when I show up at daycare, I find out that her teachers have braided them or put them into the world's tiniest pigtails.  I don't know if they're laughing or trying to cover for her, bless her heart.

I'm tempted to cut them off and let the middle try to catch up, but I don't know what's coming next.  Mohawk?  Logan from X-Men?  And then suddenly I'm reminded of that line:  "Is this where you wanna be when Jesus comes?  Makin' fun of Joe Dirt?"

So you tell me - cut it?  Or leave it alone?  

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