Alice speaks

Boy howdy.  Not only does she speak, the girl is SASSY.

Parents of 3-year olds, I know you will relate to this story.  Getting her dressed one morning, it was a bit colder last week than it has been in a while.  So I pulled out a pair of Helen's hand-me-down jeans and one knee had a hole in it.  Alice was not impressed, but the rest of her playclothes were in the laundry and I was scraping the bottom of the drawer to put together this outfit.  So I went into it brightly, and optimistically.  

Jennie:  Alice, look!  Here's a pair of jeans that Helen used to wear!  They've got this cool thing in the knee and they're like rock star jeans!

Alice:  (sadly) I don't want to wear those!

Jennie:  Come on, Alice, let's get dressed.  Mommy's in a hurry.  The jeans are fine, you will love them.

Alice:  (more insistently, starting to cry)  I don't want to wear those pants.

Jennie:  But they're rock star jeans!

Alice:  (Loudly, still crying)  They're not rock star jeans!  (shouting) They're.  Just.  Pants!

PS - Guess who has 2 thumbs and won the fight?  (POINTS AT SELF WITH BOTH THUMBS)  The one who can type AND spell it right, that's who.


Neena/Mom said...

Been there--done that>

LeAnn said...

Sometimes I'm glad my girls are old enough to dress themselves. But just sometimes.