Irony (see also: in a nutshell)

Earlier this month Helen's school had a big week-long fundraising event, capped off by a fun run at the end of the week. To celebrate, everyone got to dress up each day in a certain theme. Wednesday's theme was Tacky Day. Kids could dress in wild clothing, mismatched shoes, crazy hairdos - the tackier, the better.

Even though I explained it repeatedly, Helen had a very hard time understanding the concept of "tacky." And she really didn't know why I was making a big deal out of picking specific things for her to wear, because she's done it for herself for over a year. Since I still had a lot to do to get everyone else ready that morning, reluctantly, I sent her upstairs after breakfast to pick out her own tacky outfit. She came downstairs in a pair of hot pink pants and a purple Jonas Brothers t-shirt.

I think she accidentally hit the target, dead center.

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