Just shut up and drive.

This morning we headed to Target to purchase Halloween candy in bulk.  We stopped at McDonald's to get a quick drive-thru breakfast.   Brian and I are playing the McDonald's Monopoly game, and collecting the little tickets like mad, hoping to win our retirement.

One of the best deals going is at breakfast, where you can get 2 hashbrowns off the dollar menu.  Each hashbrown comes with 2 game pieces, so add in my large Coke with 2 more game pieces, and I've spent $2 to get 6 pieces.  Of course, I haven't won a single thing but you can't win unless you play, right?

Once we got the food, I peeled off the tickets from the hashbrowns.  I then picked up the Coke to take a sip.

Jennie:  Hey!  Our drinks don't have game pieces!

Brian:  I know.

Jennie:  We got screwed!

Helen (from backseat):  Mama, what's screwed?

Brian:  You got this one, Mama.

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Dad said...

Just wait until that comes back through Day Care. Oops. "He worked in profanity like an artist works in oils." like you guys enjoy reminding me.