Easter stands for FUN.

For the Easter weekend, Helen had a lovely visit from her cousin M. From the moment they woke up and spotted each other, and got the biggest grins on their faces, I knew it was going to be a fun time for them. They spent two days playing together like the sweetest pair of children you’ve ever seen. M. gave Helen lots of hugs, and Helen shared her toys with him (mostly).

Saturday my sister & I took them to the zoo. M. says “woof woof” whenever he sees a dog, and everything he saw at the zoo was a “woof woof.” (Actually, it comes out more “woo woo” so maybe they’re all trains.)

Helen & M. also had little Easter baskets full of plastic eggs, and I got several pictures of Helen’s new party trick. She can put one of those eggs into her mouth, look up at her parents and grin. She’s clearly having a ball, and I can’t help but laugh. We’ve got the next class clown on our hands!

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